March 2022


Skills Hub support helps build new generation of firefighters

"Warwickshire Skills Hub did a fantastic job in getting our recruitment messages out into our communities."

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service have recruited 24 new  apprentices after a successful recruiting campaign supported by Warwickshire Skills Hub. 

Twenty-three apprentices have started in two cohorts, commencing last October and January, and ten are already fully functioning in roles in stations across the county.

To assist the recruitment campaign, the Fire & Rescue Service took part in the Skills Hub's Future Careers filming project.

Under the project, which is free, businesses have two videos made to showcase their current and future employment and career pathways.

One of the Fire & Rescue Service's films was shared with secondary schools to use as part of their careers activities. The second, a recruitment film, was shared on the county council's social media and via the Fire & Rescue Service's recruitment platforms.

As a result, the relevant messages got out there to all the right places and the new cohorts were comfortably filled. More films will be made a few months down the line when the new apprentices have settled in, for use in another recruitment drive later in the year.

Rob Hartrick, who oversaw the recruitment process for WFRS, said: "Warwickshire Skills Hub did a fantastic job in getting our recruitment messages out into our communities. Recruitment is so important to us and we really need to get our messages out to as many young people as possible. The Skills Hub helped us to do this in a really accomplished way."

WCC Senior Business Skills Advisor, Vicki Haslam, said: "It is great to support the Fire Service who provide such brilliant support for our communities in so many ways. They do very special work and we, at the Skills Hub, are delighted to have played a part in building the next generation of firefighters.

"The Future Careers Films programme has proved very beneficial to many small businesses and is still open, so any business interested in taking part should visit


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