March 2022


Fire Protection Team working with businesses

Warwickshire Means Business is pleased to welcome a news series of regular, monthly articles from Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service. Over the coming months, they will focus on all kinds of support and advice the service offers to businesses. 

Let us introduce: The Fire Protection Team... 

Turning up in a fire engine to fight fires is not the only job of Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service. Our work involves many different aspects, all with the purpose of keeping people safe from fire. 

For the first Warwickshire Means Business article we wanted to raise awareness of the role of our Fire Protection team. 

The Fire Protection team works with businesses and other premises open to the public to ensure that they meet fire safety requirements. This includes reducing the risk of fire as far as possible, as well as making sure that a safe escape can be made if a fire does occur.

You may at some point have had a visit from one of our inspectors. This was most likely a fire safety audit, which assesses compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We enforce this piece of legislation by auditing premises in accordance with a risk-based inspection programme. 

However, the team also do other work to improve fire safety standards in Warwickshire, such as consulting on Building Regulations, Planning and Licensing applications. Moreover, Fire Protection provide advice to members of the public on fire safety and legislative requirements, investigate complaints, and participate in Safety Advisory Groups for events throughout Warwickshire. 

For more information on Business Fire Safety visit  

Alternatively, if you have any fire safety related queries, please e-mail: or call 01926 466 263. 


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