March 2022


Inspiring Aneta's efforts for Ukraine meet overwhelming response

"I asked the people of Nuneaton if they want to help as I know that they want to be part of this. The response has been amazing."

A collection point set up at the Centenary Business Centre, Nuneaton, for donations for families affected by the invasion of Ukraine has met with an "overwhelming" response.

Aneta Warlikowski has been a tenant at the Warwickshire County Council-run centre for five years with her photography business, ABW Studio & Event Media.

As the scale of suffering among Ukrainians emerged, she opened her unit as a base for donations that will be sent to the Poland-Ukraine border. The response from other businesses at the Centenary BC, from the staff there and members of the public, has been staggering.

"A lot of people have been touched by what is happening and want to do something," said Aneta. "We were approached by the Polish church in Coventry who have organised the transport over to the Polish border. They asked me if I could find some space in my studio to help collect the donations.

"I am Polish, we are brothers and sisters with those in the Ukraine. We have the same kind of history and roots and experience with Russia, so we wanted to show solidarity with Ukraine.

"I did a Facebook post and asked the people of Nuneaton if they want to help as I know that they want to be part of this. The response has been amazing."

In light of such a response, Aneta has now created a foundation charity along with Polish friends Karol Klecz and Joanna Szczesniewska. The three business owners are from different sectors and markets and hope that such collaboration will enable them to help even more people in Ukraine. For more information about the foundation please contact or call 07542 848649 or 07511 322690.

WCC's business centres operations supervisor Lisa Smullen believes Aneta's efforts, and the response from other businesses at the centre and the people of Nuneaton, is truly inspiring.

"Aneta is an amazing person," Lisa said. "She has been the catalyst for so many other people, who wanted to  help, to be able to do so. The response  has been absolutely enormous. Other unit-holders have helped out by sorting donated goods and one of our companies runss a courier service so supplied one of his drivers and a van to ferry stuff to the main collection point.

"Donations have been so vast that larger premises have been secured, with help from WCC, at Unit 9, Bermuda Innovation Centre."

Volunteers from Centenary Business Centre & Hammond Business Centre included: John Canner (Nuneaton Podiatry Clinic), Ian Rowley (Letrix), Liz Taylor Lettings, Joel Technologies (mass supplier of boxes), Nuneaton Sameday Couriers (supplied driver and van), EN Tooling (supplied driver and van), InExpress, Oooh Fudge and BHR (all supplied boxes), Volksbolts, Parker Masters (printed hoodies) plus the staff from the Business Centres.

Donations are still being accepted.Required items are: sleeping bags, flashlights/ torches with batteries, bandages/dressings/plasters, protective equipment - kneepads/rubber gloves/hand warmers, first aid kits, medical supplies, Paracetamol, infant and children's liquid paracetamol, toothpaste and toothbrushes, toiletries, feminine hygiene, nappies, wipes, powdered babies milk, dummies, antiseptic cream, tinned food, crayons for children.

The dropping point is: Ukraine Humanitarian Help, Unit 9, Bermuda Park Innovation Centre, St. Davids Way, Bermuda Park, Nuneaton CV10 750. It is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10am-5pm. If possible items to be placed in boxes with a description of contents.


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