September 2023


Louise at the heart of Future Skills support for Warwickshire businesses

“I find it so rewarding to work with businesses, understanding what their skills needs are to help their workforce grow and prosper."

Satisfying the skills needs of the county’s fast-evolving workplaces is the mission of a new role within Warwickshire Skills Hub.

The role of Future Skills Business Advisor has been created as part of a £900,000, three-year Future Skills Programme launched by Warwickshire County Council.

Louise Stolz will bring her wealth of experience and expertise to the position which will be at the heart of future skills support for the county.

Louise will work with businesses to build a solid intelligence base, from which the Skills Hub team will be perfectly placed to support the evolving needs of skills provision. That intelligence base will also enable them to utilise other strands of the Future Skills Programme to pilot forward-thinking and solution-based projects in partnership with employability and skills providers.

Louise, who joined the Warwickshire Skills Hub team in June 2022 as a Business Skills Support Advisor, has a real vocation for skills support and can’t wait to get stuck into her new role.

“I’ve loved every minute since joining the Skills Hub,” she said. “I find it so rewarding to work with businesses, understanding what their skills needs are to help their workforce grow and prosper. So when the opportunity arose as Future Skills Business Advisor, I knew this was a job for me.

“I will be focusing on future innovation and providing businesses with impartial, specialist support to help them to develop a well-skilled workforce which will reflect their growth plans and their associated innovation led skills needs.

“My focal point will be the skills agenda, building an understanding of what the future skills landscape looks like in our region and establishing a network where we can share knowledge and promote best practice. I’ll be working closely with partners and employers, across various priorities such as vehicle electrification, battery technology, digital skills and activity supporting the net-zero agenda. This will help us identify key skills trends and emerging themes, what the jobs of the future look like and what is the business skills support need.”

Louise will interact heavily with businesses to ascertain their needs and also work closely with those responsible for launching young people on their career-pathways with the right skills and knowledge.

“I will be feeding information back to our educators and training providers,” she said. “This will help us align careers provision in our county and provide integrated and co-ordinated access to skills and employment support for Warwickshire businesses. This in turn, will help them attract and harness new local talent as well as re-skill existing staff.

“I am passionate about boosting skills and employability and I’m excited to be starting on my Future Skills Business Advisor journey. If you would like further information, please do contact me at


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