September 2023


Driving the future of Immersive Technology

European business leaders will visit Coventry University for a two-day programme of events showcasing some the best immersive technology (XR) the UK has to offer. 

The European Business Network (EBN) Techcamp, on October 19th and 20th, will bring together experts from various fields across Europe to share their knowledge and experience, and provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and co-learning in business support methodologies. This unique participatory and interactive event is led by a

nd created for business support experts and skilled innovation practitioners. 

Leading Techcamp for 2023 is Coventry University’s Director of Innovation, Paul Fairburn, who has lined up academic experts and businesses to demonstrate how they collaborate to develop new immersive technology products and services. 

Guests will hear from keynote speakers, visit research facilities, and attend workshops to learn more about how immersive technology is accelerating the future of transport, evolving healthcare training, supporting the creative industries, and driving changes in manufacturing. 

European business leaders will visit the university’s Simulation Centre and experience how immersive technology solutions are used to better business ecosystems. 

Speakers at Techcamp 2023 will delve into: 

· How to can create the optimal environment for (deep) technology businesses to start, scale, and grow 

· How to best support disruptive, immersive, technology-based businesses 

· How to collaborate with large industry-leading corporations 

· The different business needs of start-ups and scale-ups in using and deploying simulation/immersive technology. 

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