September 2021


Filming project helps Forest of Hearts to flourish

Forest of Hearts

"The films are fantastic - they tell our story in a really positive way"

An organisation which promotes accessible and sustainable agroforestry, or 'Forest Gardens,' and also supports good causes has had its story told in a "really positive way" by Warwickshire County Council's Future Careers Filming project.

Forest of Hearts is an environmentally sustainable charity that delivers projects which boost biodiversity while supporting the wellbeing and employability of young people.

It’s excellent work in local communities includes the recent creation of a new garden at Stratford Hospital while similar projects are planned at other hospitals in Warwick and Leamington. The organisation is also creating a five-acre nature reserve with a wildflower meadow, ponds, woodland and a butterfly bank.

Forest of Hearts' projects are delivered by three paid staff and a team of more than 90 wonderful volunteers. It is a true community effort, but more engagement with the community is always welcome- and that is where the Future Careers filming came in.

Two films were produced to capture the essence of Forest of Hearts and which can now be used to promote the organisation to potential volunteers and supporters.

"The films are fantastic," said Forest of Hearts founder Carole Longden. "They tell our story in a really positive way.

"The filming was a really enjoyable process. Some of our volunteers and staff were a little bit nervous about appearing on camera but Niki and Josh, who came to us to do the filming, spoke to them and made it all very relaxed and easy. They really put everyone at their ease.

"The end result is a really polished product which is helping us to raise our profile and get our messages out there, including to the corporate world and potential supporters there."

The Forest of Hearts works in partnership with other charities and community organisations to create places of purpose and pleasure which help individuals to develop skills, confidence and friendships that can grow and thrive. Anyone who would like to can help them create edible gardens for good by becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact or call 02476 470382.

The Forest of Hearts videos can be viewed here: Apprentice - Recruitment -

The Warwickshire Skills team are still on the lookout for more businesses, especially in the retail, IT and finance sectors, to benefit from Future Careers filming. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact


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