September 2021


Businesses' views sought on council's pans for parking

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) is seeking the views of businesses regarding its potential plans to implement controlled parking zones to help restore football in town centres following the pandemic.

The council is keen to promote the economic recovery post-Covid and this is particularly the case in town centres which have seen a dramatic decrease in footfall and trade. 

One of the ways in which WCC is looking to help is to allow businesses to park on-street in controlled parking zones through the use of dedicated business permits, in much the same way that residents and their visitors currently do. 

To date, there has been no provision to allow business vehicles to park for long periods of time in areas where waiting is restricted. 

The Council is looking into the viability of offering a business permitting scheme, which will allow employees or business visitors to park on-street close to their trading premises.  

Permits would last for one year, be renewable and allow parking on-street in certain specified zones.

To see whether businesses are broadly in support of this idea the County Council has put together a short survey. The survey went live on September 20th and will run until October 18th.

To access the survey please click here: Business permitting survey.


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