September 2021


Community Powered Warwickshire - open invite to businesses

You are invitedWarwickshire businesses are being encouraged to sign up to a major county-wide conference that will focus on harnessing the community power that has been so prevalent during the pandemic.

Keeping the spirit of community action alive is so vitally important as we move forward from the pandemic. With this in mind, Warwickshire County Council is joining forces with private, public and voluntary sector organisations from across the county for a conference on Thursday November 4th to apply the learning from COVID and create conditions in which strong community action can continue to thrive. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time, which has resulted in some enduring and significant changes to the way we all live and work.  One of the biggest changes has been around the role of our communities in response and recovery.  

During COVID, Warwickshire’s incredible communities, whether of place, faith, or other interest, have played a vital role, with the grass roots response crucial to our collective efforts across the county to support vulnerable people and our progress towards recovery. Warwickshire’s businesses too, have played a vital part in the Covid response, adapting to the changing and challenging circumstances. 

Now feels to be the right time to capitalise on this. Having experienced volumes of community action never seen before in peacetime, there is an imperative for organisations from across the sectors to work together to keep this spirit alive, creating even more favourable conditions in Warwickshire for successful community action, building  stronger, sustainable, and more equal places and communities, and ultimately enabling people to lead happier and healthier lives. 

The conference, which will include businesses, public services and voluntary and community sector organisations will provide a golden opportunity to reflect on the last 18 months, share learning and identify opportunities to build on the lessons we’ve learnt, and to discuss the actions required to make the most of the unique opportunity to continue to build and strengthen our diverse communities.   

Please click on the link below to register a place at the event taking place virtually via Microsoft Teams on 4 November 2021.  Ideally a maximum of 2 or 3 individuals per organisation. 

Register your interest for Community Powered Warwickshire Conference. 


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