November 2022


Help to deliver a sustainable future for Warwickshire

Business have been urged to have their say on Warwickshire County Council’s draft Sustainable Futures Strategy. 

Warwickshire County Council’s draft Sustainable Futures Strategy establishes our direction and priorities to reduce carbon emissions, support biodiversity and promote economic growth across the County. It directly addresses the significant challenges of climate change, which poses a direct risk to Warwickshire communities and economy, and declining biodiversity, which impacts on both our wellbeing and economic prosperity.  

The online survey has just been launched and will be open until 15 January 2023. To read the Strategy and complete the survey, please go to:  

Our Strategy 

We have already started work towards our goals of reducing carbon emissions to net zero across the Council by 2030 and to support Warwickshire as a County to do the same by 2050 or earlier. But if we are to achieve these net zero goals, we need to do more and we need to do it faster.

Our objectives cover six key themes: 

Transport - We want to have zero emissions surface transport across the County, increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport, with every resident having access to zero carbon private, public and active transport options. 

Energy – We want to live and work in a County that is powered entirely by clean fuel or renewable sources. 

Built Environment - We want to live and work in buildings that are energy efficient, powered by clean energy sources and connected to nature. 

Resources, Waste & Circular Economy – We want a County where all waste is diverted from landfill and there is a circular economy that provides commercial opportunities and new jobs 

Sustainable Communities & Green Economy - We want to have a County that is measured by prosperity and health, where people have the skills and access to new green jobs, and where all the industries contribute to sustainable, equitable and healthy communities. 

Natural Capital and Biodiversity – We want a habitat-connected landscape for people to enjoy, and wildlife to thrive. 

Engagement and partnership are central to how our Strategy will work, because the actions that will have the biggest impact are not always within the gift of WCC. Many of them will instead be the responsibility of the District and Borough Councils, Town and Parish Councils, central government, other public service providers or with businesses, landowners and residents. Providing a partnership, supporting and coordinating role between the business sector and other organisations is going to be key for WCC and the draft Strategy invites you to give feedback on our collaboration and partnership approach.   


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