January 2024


Impressive reach for Christmas campaign

“I found the campaign great fun to take part in and the interaction with the guys at the County Council was fabulous."

A campaign to raise the profile of small businesses in their local communities in the run-up to Christmas was a great success, achieving a reach of 26,559.

Warwickshire County Council’s ‘Warwickshire Christmas 2023’ campaign equipped participating towns and independent businesses with high quality seasonal images and ideas to generate social media engagement during a critical trading season for the High Streets. 

During the campaign - November 1st to December 24th - 437 social media posts and stories were shared, securing a reach of 24,884 (a 260 per cent increase on the previous year). The overall social media statistics showed a reach of 26,559 with 1,719 visits and 131 new likes/followers.

Key to the success of the campaign was a very welcome high level of business participation. Getting businesses on board before the campaign helped with engagement and use of the hashtag #WarwickshireChristmas triggered organic campaign growth as non-participating businesses joined in the tagging and use of #Warwickshirechristmas.

Santa-based posts were very strong in terms of reach and shares, especially early in the campaign, and those images were made available for people to use in their own campaigns.

Samantha Hollis, of Nuneaton-based independent, Abbey Art Craft World, said: “I found the campaign great fun to take part in and the interaction with the guys at the County Council was fabulous. Knowing that someone was at the forefront of the driving seat made it easier for me and the tag and @ share was and is a great idea.”  

This campaign also increased the reach of Warwickshire Towns Network across the county. It showed significant audience growth in Coleshill, Rugby, Atherstone and Nuneaton, offering further opportunities for engagement on local initiatives and business support. 

To find out more about Warwickshire Towns Network, please follow:  www.warwickshire.gov.uk/towncentres, Facebook: WarksTN and Twitter:        @WarksTN


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