January 2024


Levy Share programme powers almost 300 apprenticeships

In the last three years, Warwickshire Skills Hub has supported over 120 businesses with taking on almost 300 apprentices via the Warwickshire County Council’s Levy Share Programme.

This fund helps businesses cover the associated cost of apprenticeship training, allowing them to address skills gaps and shortages in industry and support growth.  

In 2023 alone we have pledged over £700,000 to businesses in Warwickshire. This way we supported 108 different apprentices in 51 different businesses. Stratford-on-Avon District Council has been the biggest advocate for apprenticeships, accessing £224,000 with Nuneaton & Bedworth next with £168,000. 

Apprentices have begun their careers in a range of sectors with most going into the care sector. The apprentices were supported into different standards varying from entry level up to a degree level. An example of this is supporting people into Adult Care Level 2 Apprenticeship up to Senior Lead Level 7. 

The businesses have also benefited from the Apprenticeship Progression Programme, where they are supported to invest in the progression of their staff and build upon a previous qualification which contributes to the new needs of the business.

The programme offers a £1,000 incentive which is paid directly to the employer and supported to meet the needs of the business. 

In the last three years, it has supported businesses to progress 15 different apprentices via this grant. The sectors were varied from the care to hospitality, beauty, maintenance and security. 

Warwickshire Skills Hub has also launched a suite of additional support for future skills, where salary support is offered to apprentices in new and emerging technologies and funding opportunities to upskill employees that are 50+.  

If you would like to know more about any of the above funding programmes and how you can apply, please contact Steven Convery, Business Skills Support Advisor: stevenconvery@warwickshire.gov.uk 


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