February 2021


Refocused IT will drive Campbell Marsh forward after SSG support

“The investment is helping us to replace work that disappeared, grow into new areas and take on additional staff.”

A Leamington-based public relations agency is looking ahead to the post-COVID landscape with a slicker and more focused IT operation, and is looking to recruit, following support from Warwickshire County Council's Survive, Sustain & Grow programme.

Since 2001, Campbell Marsh has created brands, designed websites and produced Google-friendly web content and videos to showcase organisations and social media campaigns. Its clients have included PLCs, SMEs, start-ups, government agencies, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations.

In early March 2020, communications director Natasha Marsh, was sitting in a hotel alongside St Pancras International Station in London, agreeing a contract to provide marketing services for a leading cyber security event in Europe. Within weeks, that event and others the team was working on were either postponed or cancelled as national governments introduced stringent lockdown measures.

Campbell Marsh joined the shift to working from home and, faced with the need to adapt quickly, began to support clients with the rapid adoption of digital technology to keep in touch and instil some normality in the new normal.

The firm then benefited from a Survive, Sustain and Grow grant to strengthen its IT connectivity and deliver seamless client communication, online conferencing and a new website.

“The most profound change of the Covid-19 months has been the way that businesses and local communities have grasped new technology to replace old fashioned ways of communicating," said Natasha. "For us to compete more effectively, we had to beef up our IT infrastructure.

"We got involved with the Survive, Sustain and Grow scheme which had the added bonus of coming with a specialist business adviser. Listening to a different voice helped us refocus, harness our core strengths, and move forward to take advantage of opportunities in a post-Covid-19 world, with more robust IT connectivity and improved capacity, all of which is thanks to SSG.

“The investment is helping us to replace work that disappeared, grow into new areas and take on additional staff.”

SSG advisor Anita Dinnes explained: “The pandemic has dramatically changed the way businesses work and interact with each other. I found engaging with Campbell Marsh Communications to be very rewarding and am delighted that the SSG intervention has enabled them to upgrade their IT infrastructure so they are now able to compete more effectively.”

Jagdish Soor, WCC Lead Consultant said: “The combination of focused business support and subsequent grant award has allowed Campbell Marsh to make an investment that has enabled them to diversify and continue trading through the pandemic. This has resulted in the safeguarding of its existing but are now seeking to take on additional staff.”


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