October 2021


Fair Chance Employement scheme to be launched

There are many signs of positive economic recovery within Warwickshire and unemployment rates remain one of the lowest in the region. Employers however, are experiencing the negative impact of vacant jobs, facing increasing challenge to attract employees using traditional methods of recruitment.

Warwickshire County Council is tackling this issue head on by creating a programme which supports employers to shape inclusive employment opportunities across all areas of the labour market.

The Fair Chance Employment Programme is designed to work collaboratively with education providers and employability groups, helping employers to “level up” their opportunities by offering Warwickshire residents with supportive needs equal access to careers.

The scheme, which will launch in November 2021, aims to promote and celebrate inclusive employment and will call out to employers who would like to become a Fair Chance Employer and engage with high-priority talent pools keen to access work opportunities.

The programme aims to unlock more than 200 jobs to jobseekers who experience mental health, disability and learning barriers, as well as women and Armed Forces veterans returning to work, young offenders, young care givers and care leavers.

By addressing emotional, learning and workplace barriers, making reasonable adjustments to recruitment methods, and providing enhanced induction training to bridge skills gaps, the programme will allow employers to be more inclusive and attract more candidates to their roles.

The Fair Chance Employment Programme will be led by a dedicated Warwickshire County Council Business Skills Advisor who will work with employers to increase awareness of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, whilst creating opportunities for work experience, internships and apprenticeships to support progression into full time employment.

The Warwickshire Skills Hub, home to the Fair Chance Employment Programme, will also launch a digital jobs board, creating a platform for Fair Chance Employers to list their jobs and interact with potential candidates in a less formal way.

Cllr Kam Kaur, portfolio holder or economy and place at Warwickshire County Council, said: “We are delighted to be launching the Fair Chance Employment Programme to give many of Warwickshire’s high priority talent pools an equal chance of finding a career and we’re also proud to be playing an active role in supporting businesses to find the right skills as the economy works hard to recover.

“The Fair Chance Employment Programme is a really innovative piece of work which will deliver a number of workshop sessions we think businesses, employment coaches and careers leaders will find fascinating. The team are really going to enjoy promoting such opportunities of inclusion and helping businesses and some of our priority groups of residents to find meaning full employment.”

The digital jobs board will offer a safe place for Q&A and a platform for employers to post a film showcasing their business and careers they have to offer.

The interactive online platform will make the job search more accessible and give jobseekers the confidence to build a rapport with employers, discuss any adjustments needed and shape potential interview experiences to meet their needs.

Once a successful candidate has been found, a Business Skills Advisor will be on hand to support the creation of a training and development plan, while the Warwickshire Skills Hub will promote access to funded training support programmes and qualifications.

If you are an employer who is recruiting and would like to explore how the Fair Chance Employment Programme could help your business then contact the Warwickshire Skills Hub team on skillshub@warwickshire.gov.uk


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