May 2017


Turning your customers into fans can make the difference

A Warwickshire start-up company is aiming to help its clients turn their customers into fans.

Warwick entrepreneur Paul Martin has called upon his experience across a range of industries, including telecoms, media, semi-conductors and automotive, to launch FanBase Consulting Limited.

With a career divided between the USA and UK, Paul has seen a wide variety of customer service and experiences. And following support from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, he is now drawing on those experiences to help companies improve their service to achieve business growth.

“Our work is based on the concept that businesses that want to be very successful should aim to develop a fan-base not ‘just’ a customer-base,” said Paul. “While all businesses have customers that buy from them – some more than others – not many have fans that help their business grow and develop. Those that do are industry leaders and reaping the biggest rewards.

“To develop fans, businesses need to perform excellently for customers. Customer excellence is a capability that can be defined and improved so, by definition, it is possible for any business to control its own destiny.”

He added: “I have started my own business because I felt strongly that the disciplines of customer excellence, if applied to British SMEs, could lead to world-class performance, market leadership and the knock-on effect of economic prosperity, which is something everyone in the UK cares about.

“At this time of economic uncertainty there is one thing that I feel certain about – customers will buy from the companies they respect, trust and value the most.”

Paul warns, however, that companies across the region are in a global race for ‘fans’ not just a local one.

“Being the best in the world at what you do is incredibly challenging,” he said, “just ask any top CEO or sportsperson.

“The good news is that with the right focus, structure and desire, it is truly possible to be the best.”

FanBase Consulting received start-up support from the Chamber, through the Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, in partnership with Coventry City Council, Warwickshire County Council and the District and Borough Councils. 

Paul was assigned a business coach – Tanya King – and received one-to-one support across areas such as the creation of a website, local contacts and access to finance to help get the company started.

“I have run businesses before, but it was different this time,” Paul said. “Tanya helped me figure out some of those practical matters. Now I am benefiting from the growing network of other businesses I am meeting through the Chamber.”

Tanya said: “Paul has lots of experience in business so he understood the benefit of accessing start-up support through the Chamber.  We would urge anyone thinking of starting a business to get in touch.”

For more information or to book on to the Business Support programme call the Chamber on 024 7665 4321 or log onto


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