March 2023


Fresh approach will transform Leamington town centre

"Transforming Leamington wants to attract investment and guide developments meaning that the town is as attractive and appealing as possible."

Leamington businesses and residents are being asked to engage in a major new initiative to help revitalise the town centre.

Transforming Leamington, involving all three levels of local authority and chaired by a leading private sector regeneration expert, has been established to help ensure that development in the heart of the town can bring long-term prosperity and sustainability.

It was launched at the Annual Town Assembly meeting in the Royal Pump Rooms, and attracted almost 100 local people who raised a range of topics around future developments in the town.

Mark Lee, who has been recruited to chair the new organisation, urged those interested to sign up to the initiative through its new website.

He said: “This a fresh approach from the three layers of government so that everyone is working to ensure that future developments meet the current and future needs of local people and businesses.

“There are opportunities and challenges in equal measure, and the town is therefore at something of a crossroads, and Transforming Leamington wants to attract investment and guide developments meaning that the town is as attractive and appealing as possible.

“Part of our role is to refresh the Vision for the town and set out a Framework that will plot a route for the transformation.

“While Transforming Leamington does not have any direct decision-making powers, it has a great deal of influence which it can bring to bear for the good of town centre life in areas including development, improved access, and creating attractive and safe public spaces.

“We were really encouraged by the turnout for the meeting and everyone was truly engaged in achieving the same ambitions.

“We had questions on accessibility, active travel, car parking, public transport and affordable housing. Of course, views will vary but it is vital that people are not only passionate about the town and its future, but they now have a vehicle to help make positive things happen.

“We want to hear from the community and I would urge people to register through our website - and follow us on twitter via @TransformLeam - so we can take their views into account and also call on people to provide help when it is needed, as the more people we bring with us, the more we can bring influence to bear.”


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