July 2022


Views of businesses wanted for WFRS consultation

Business have been urged to make their views known after Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS)  launched a public consultation to ask the people living, studying and working in Warwickshire how their future priorities should be delivered.   

Everyone wants to know that WFRS will be there for them in an emergency. But WFRS also has responsibilities to prevent accidents and emergencies from happening in the first place and to protect people by ensuring the buildings in which they live and work are safe. So, their primary focus will always be to keep Warwickshire safe, through prevention, protection and response.  

This consultation is a chance to tell WFRS what matters most to you and what approach they should take. They are especially keen to hear from Warwickshire businesses, large and small, given their role to protect all types of commercial and other premises.  

To learn more about the strategy and consultation, please watch our series of short videos here.  

The responses that WFRS receive from this consultation will inform any updates to their Prevention, Protection and Response draft Strategy, which forms part of the Community Risk Management Plan. This is the plan that assesses the risks they face and sets out how they will reduce them, while also making sure they have the right resources at the right time, in the right place. 

The consultation can be completed here and will close on 25 September. 


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