April 2021


CityFibre to extend its full fibre infrastructure into Warwickshire

Residents in the Warwickshire towns of Atherstone, Bedworth, Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Rugby and Warwick will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of CityFibre’s full fibre network.

A multi-million pound investment will see the six towns join the network as it rolls out from Coventry, where the work started in 2018 and has already reached more than sixty thousand properties.

The towns have been selected as CityFibre extends into much smaller conurbations, bringing the benefits of full fibre to communities outside the UK’s major towns and cities.

Leigh Hunt, CityFibre’s Regional Partnership Director for the Midlands said: “The past year has highlighted the importance of good connectivity and the need for speed and reliability. Unfortunately, many people get neither as they are working off old networks that were designed to carry sound and not data.  Our network is designed specifically for data and it brings the technology oftomorrow into people homes today. 

The difference between full fibre and regular fibre is stark. With full fibre services you can expect:

  • Increased efficiency: significantly faster upload and download speeds.
  • No more competing priorities: near limitless bandwidth - everyone at home can work, stream or game online simultaneously.
  • Connectivity you can depend on: The clever design of our networks means if there’s a break in one connection, it can instantly be rerouted via another.
  • Futureproofed for growing demand - once fibre is in the ground, it’s there for good and maintenance work is drastically reduced.

CityFibre will bring in contractors to deliver the project on their behalf. They will work closely with CityFibre and the local authorities to manage any disruption and use modern build techniques to ensure a fast and efficient roll out.

Once construction work has been completed in each neighbourhood, internet service providers (ISPs) will ‘light up the network’ with some of the fastest and more competitive broadband packages available in terms of both data and price.

Across the UK, CityFibre is already working with launch partner Vodafone and also Talk Talk to deliver the next generation broadband services, with other providers expected to join the network soon. Residents are invited to register their interest in the service now and we will provide them with updates as the build moves into their area.

The new service is not the only good news for Warwickshire, as CityFibre has committed to the creation of thousands of jobs across its network of construction partners, targeted at both skilled and unskilled people.

Last year, it announced a three-year recruitment and training programme, delivered by Nuneaton-based PQMS, to provide up to 10,000 people with jobs upgrading the UK’s digital infrastructure.  This critical initiative will underpin the UKs long-term economic recovery from the Coronavirus crisis helping to level-up the economy by enabling access to ultra-fast digital connectivity for all. 


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