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Businesses encouraged to feature in 'Shop & Eat Local’ video.

"This video will encourage the people of Warwickshire to seek out and support their local independents - and keep supporting them into the future"

Retail businesses have been invited to appear in a short promotional video compiled by Warwickshire County Council to encourage people to support their local independent shops.

The county council is encouraging any business which is operational and offering delivery or collection services to its customersto senda short video-clip showing  their products or shop-front.

The clips will then be built into a promotional video to encourage the people of Warwickshire to shop and eat locally. The video will also signpost viewers to any online directories set up by towns and villages.

Warwickshire County Council assistant director for communities Dave Ayton-Hill said: "Lots of businesses out there in our towns and villages have risen to the challenges of lockdown brilliantly and managed to move their businesses towards online or order-based models in a matter of days.

"The last few weeks have emphasised more than ever the value of having so many wonderful local independent shops and restaurants in our towns and villages. Lockdown has reminded us all how much they are missed when they are not open and available to us.

"This video will encourage the people of Warwickshire to seek out and support their local independents -and keep supporting them into the future."

One business which reacted swiftly to the fast-moving situation is 33The Scullery in Stratford-upon-Avon. Following the Government's abrupt closure of all food & drink premises, one of the restaurants’ owners Andrew Edwards, quickly adapted the menu to move the business online, offering and promoting meals via Facebook and the local newspaper, to be ordered and delivered or collected.

“Orders went very quiet in the days immediately after lockdown so we were quite worried," said Andrew. "But we think this was just a case of people adjusting to events. After a couple of weeks business has picked up again and we are grateful for the support of our local customers through these changing times.”

If you are you open for business online or offering a collection or delivery service and would like your business to feature in the promotional video, please get involved and send a short video clip of your business to


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