September 24 2020


Warwickshire businesses urged to prepare for new Covid-19 measures

Businesses in Warwickshire are being urged to ensure they are ready for the introduction of new Covid-19 measures across the country.

Pubs, bars and restaurants are only allowed to be open until 10pm and must only provide table service – with face coverings mandatory for bar staff, waiters and non-seated customers.

Businesses should only allow tables of up to six to be booked and ask customers to avoid mingling with others outside of their six.

The new NHS Test and Trace App was introduced on Thursday, September 24 and all public-facing businesses are required to display a QR code poster at entrances.

The new app has a range of features that will help reduce personal and public risk from Covid-19 as part of the wider test and tracing services.

Warwickshire County Council is urging all such businesses to download the QR code posters as soon as possible.

The NHS QR code and check-in function is in addition to existing measures. Venues in Warwickshire which are legally required to collect and keep a record of visitors, need to continue to do so, for up to 21 days.

Additional measures introduced include:

· People should work from home wherever possible

· Face coverings compulsory for shop workers

· Limit on guests at weddings reduced from 30 to 15

· Plans to allow fans to return to sporting events paused

· "Rule of six" now applies to indoor team sports

· Fines for not wearing masks or following rules increased to £200 for a first offence

Warwickshire County Council is establishing a dedicated Covid-19 Prevention and Response team, which will be responsible for supporting workplaces in preventing and responding to incidents.

The team has already responded to nine outbreaks in local workplaces and public settings, and is making pro-active contact to ensure Covid secure measures are in place and that employers are aware of their responsibilities.

A letter has been issued to licenced premises and hospitality venues in Warwickshire to urge businesses to comply with the rules and give advice on how to maximise protection for customers, to reduce the need for further local and national measures.

Businesses can now be fined (up to £10k) for non-compliance with Covid-secure measures.

The Covid-19 Prevention and Response Team has also been engaging with Primary Authorities for supermarkets to encourage strengthening of their measures.

Pro-active engagement with and visits to barbers and hairdressers are also being planned.

A newly-commissioned local testing service has been mobilised for a number of workplace screening activities to date and has proved to be a valuable resource to help identify asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic cases to reduce workplace transmission.

To download the QR poster for display go to 

For further advice, support or assistance regarding your business and carrying out risk assessments please contact

A Q&A advice webinar will be held next week on Tuesday from 4pm-5pm. Please see the events section for the link – ‘COVID Secure - Understanding the Latest Guidance for Businesses - Your Questions Answered’.


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