November 2021


Survive, Sustain and Grow - Helping the economic recovery in Warwickshire

A Warwickshire County Council recovery programme designed to help Warwickshire businesses return to form after the pandemic has surpassed expectations by supporting nearly 250 businesses and nearly 800 jobs in Warwickshire.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the local economy. Whilst the impact and pressures felt by each individual business is unique, there are many similarities to the shape of their recovery. This is why Warwickshire County Council designed & delivered its Survive, Sustain & Grow Programme.

The Survive, Sustain and Grow (SSG) programme was launched by Warwickshire County Council last autumn to provide an enhanced consultancy service to assist businesses with their post-Covid recovery plans.

New figures issued by Warwickshire County Council show that the programme, having supported 243 businesses employing 790 people, has helped safeguard 472 jobs that were at risk. It is also forecasted to create more than 140 new jobs.

It was open to all sectors, but was aimed primarily at businesses in the tourism, retail and hospitality industry.

The end of programme SSG figures reveal that Warwickshire County Council, has engaged 615 businesses breaking its forecasted figure of 400. It also helped 243 businesses develop tailored post COVID recovery plans.

The support given via the SSG programme was provided to businesses during a free consultancy process. Businesses who completed the support with the SSG consultants could then apply for grant funding to help implement those recommendations identified within the recovery plan.

So far, 58 grants have been awarded as part of the SSG programme to the value of over £420,000.

Cllr Kam Kaur said: “The jobs safeguarded and forecasted creation in Warwickshire as a direct result of the Survive Sustain and Grow programme has exceeded all of our expectations, and we are delighted to see that so many businesses and their employees have benefitted.

“The programme was launched to link local businesses up with experts to give them guidance on how to sustain their business and get their operations back to pre-pandemic levels, and it is a real triumph that we have not only been able to hit many of those targets in our initial forecast, but surpass them.

“Along with our other business support schemes, this programme has shown that Warwickshire businesses share a real determination to get back up and running, and it is a real privilege to have been able to lend a hand.”


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