May 2023


Celebrate SME development with uxplore!

Businesses are invited a final uxplore event next month to celebrate some of the success stories of the project as it draws to a close.

The event will relate successful SME stories, share tips for digital technology in smaller businesses and deliver a ‘how to' session on available grant funding and other funding applications following the end of the uxplore grant.

The two-day event on the 14th-15th June will showcase some of the project's SME client programmes, as well as sharing tips and learning on marketing, social media and brand awareness - all directed at the needs of small businesses.

Attendees will hear from project partners the Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub on what is available in the local area to support their business. There will also be a session on understanding and using digital connectivity and cryptocurrency from Coventry University’s Electrification Skills Hub Commercial Director Deepak Farmah.

As the uxplore team closes out the project, they will share some tips and essential learning on how to access business funding in the most efficient way. There will be an introduction to other funding schemes available locally and nationally for small businesses, and a workshop of finding, applying for and winning grant funding from the Coventry University Enterprises team.

The event will take the learning from uxplore as a two-year project and put forward all the best learning in this final event to give SME clients the best finishing experience of the project to go into successful business with digital connectivity tools and understanding.

To find out more details and register your interest, please click here.


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