March 2021


Workshops to help businesses 'Build Back Stronger' after lockdown

A series of five themed workshops devised by Warwickshire Skills Hub will help employers to 'Build Back Stronger' and support them in welcoming their workforces back as pandemic restrictions ease.

Employers and employees alike will face unique challenges in the coming months as workplaces open up again and many people return to them having spent months working from home or on furlough.

This will bring further demands, both logistical and psychological, upon businesses and workers which have had to adapt, and adapt again, to the restrictions imposed over the last year.  

So the Build Back Stronger campaign has been developed by Warwickshire Skills Hub to provide a series of free workshops, starting on April 15th, to support employers in bringing their workforce back from home working and furlough.

The workshops will be delivered by a mixture of internal and external partners to ensure that they cover all aspects of the needs of businesses.

Workshop 1: Workforce Build Back - 12noon Thursday April 15th

Focus on workplace wellbeing and mental health with details of Warwickshire County Council's Employee Assistance Programme.

Workshop 2: Workforce Build Back

Focus on preparing for the return of the workforce with guidance on support with anxiety and bereavement and also flexible working and advice on new skills for a changing workplace.

Workshop 3: Workforce reshaping

Focus on upskilling with details of the wide range of support available...Warwickshire Small Business Programme, the Apprenticeship Progression Programme, Skills 4 Growth and other skill support for the workforce

Workshop 4: Redundancy Support

Focus on available support for businesses facing workforce redundancies, including the Warwickshire Redundancy Support Programme.

Workshop 5: Future Talent

Focus on Skills Planning. How employers can grow their workforce's skills by using available talent pools, apprenticeships, inclusive apprenticeships, disabilities & graduate programmes.

Vicki Haslam, Senior Business Skills Advisor at Warwickshire Skills Hub, said: "Employers are now facing challenges they have never faced before and it is vital that they have maximum support to help them 'Build Back Stronger' as businesses.

 "These workshops are designed to consider all the issues that employees will face in the weeks and months ahead and help then to be well-prepared as can be and aware of all the support that is available to them from Warwickshire County Council and our partners."

To register for the first free workshop on April 1 please visit here. For further information, including details on the other workshops when they are finalised, will be available from

These workshops form part of the information support to businesses in Warwickshire as we follow the Government roadmap put of lockdown. Details of a series of further ‘Roadmap Re-opening’ advice webinars, which will give businesses the information they need as they prepare to reopen after lockdown, can be found here.


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