February 2023


Multiply programme will help to demystify maths

Many people struggle with maths at school and take forward an unease with numeracy into adult life. In Warwickshire, support is at hand from the Multiply programme, as Warwickshire County Council’s Business Growth & Support Programme Manager, Claire Williams, explains…

 Three in ten people in the UK say they are not a ‘numbers person’ or are anxious about their numeracy skills and would like to improve for personal development or better opportunities at work, or to help with homework in a family setting.

A lot of people lack confidence and have poor experience of maths at school and struggle with maths in daily life. To address this issue, the Multiply programme has been launched by the Department of Education to help upskill and improve maths skills around the country and it is managed and administered locally by Warwickshire County Council. Here in Warwickshire we are proud to be working with three providers so far who are helping to do just that.

Pet Xi is currently running morning and afternoon sessions on building confidence with numbers and budgeting and homework support for parents in Bedworth, Leamington Spa and Nuneaton, with more to be available soon, so check them out on social media here

CWCDA have launched their Money, Money, Maths workshops, covering three subject areas: saving Energy and the Planet, Shop for Less and Balancing your Budget and these are taking place all over the county. For more information check out here 

WCC’s Adult & Community Learning team have some amazing opportunities to learn new practical skills which include maths for daily use, such as sewing and cooking and crafts, alongside intensive support to gain maths qualifications, courses for adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and family learning. Check out their amazing range on offer at https://www.facebook.com/warksacl/

All courses are available to anyone over 19 who doesn’t have already have a GSCE Grade C in maths and are free to access. Please find out more about the Multiply programme here and use the above sites for local links to courses and availability.

The programme will soon be looking for more partners to deliver this innovative opportunity with more ways to help Warwickshire residents brush up on maths skills, be more confident with numbers to manage bills, budget or improve potential at work…so watch this space!

To find out more about the Multiply programme, please click here.


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