February 2019


Business urged to be 'Brexit-prepared'

Businesses have been urged to be as "Brexit-prepared" as possible - and not be tempted to just wait and see what happens when the uncertainty over the long-running issue at last clears.

There are several reasons way businesses might not be proactively preparing for whatever the consequences of the saga are. Running a business is time-consuming enough already while Brexit fatigue is another factor which might understandably have deterred some from thinking more about it.

But Warwickshire County Council is urging all members of the business community to find the time to become 'Brexit-prepared' - particularly in case of a No Deal scenario.

"It is impossible to over-state the importance of businesses being 'Brexit-prepared' and thinking through what a No Deal scenario might mean,' said Warwickshire County Council head of economy & skills David Ayton-Hill." 

"This is a time of almost unprecedented uncertainty for the business world and, while none of us has a crystal ball, it is simply good business sense to be as prepared as can be. As part of their everyday planning, businesses habitually consider how to deal with various factors that might happen - so please don't overlook Brexit.

"At Warwickshire County Council we want to see more businesses actively considering Brexit and what preparations they might need to undertake, and also for residents to be better aware of some of the issues that may be of concern to them.

"There is a range of tools available to help, from a Brexit Checklist developed by the British Chambers of Commerce, to a “Triage” tool developed by the Government that helps businesses walk through some key issues to understand what a No Deal scenario might mean for their business, and what steps they might need to take to better prepare themselves. I would urge all members of our business community to have a look at them and plan accordingly if appropriate."

Warwickshire County Council has also created a new webpage to help businesses and residents navigate their way to information and advice. This can be found at: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/brexit

For further information about wider support that is available to help businesses, please contact the Coventry & Warwickshire Growth Hub (www.cwgrowthhub.com.uk / contact@cwgrowthhub.co.uk / tel: 0300 060 3747).


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