December 2021


Thank you businesses for your vigilance against Covid - please let's keep it going

In light of the new variants, Warwickshire businesses have been asked to review their Coronavirus measures. Here, Jonathon Toy, Group Manager Trading Standards (Community Safety and COVID 19 Prevent and Response Team) at Warwickshire County Council, thanks businesses for their diligence so far but outlines the need for us all to remain vigilant.


Firstly, on behalf of the county council, may I thank all businesses and your staff for the steps you have taken over the last 18 months to keep your team and customers safe.

We are sure you are aware the recent Omicron variant is posing new challenges. From a Warwickshire perspective we are keen to work with the business community and provide the best advice on the measures you can take to minimise spread within our communities. Many of these measures will be very familiar to you and we hope that you will work with us to reaffirm their important or reintroduce them where they have been relaxed or removed.

Face Coverings

The government has reintroduced the mandatory requirement for face coverings to be worn in all shops, supermarkets, personal care settings, travel agents, pharmacies, estate agents, shopping centres, and takeaway establishments. This includes customers and all staff who are working in public facing settings, serving customers, reception areas or any other public facing role.

We would ask that you work with us to ensure that your staff and customers follow this requirement. It is not our intention to seek to take action against businesses in the first instance, but where do we do a number of complaints, we will look contact you and discuss the steps being taken.

Social Distancing

The evidence still strongly indicates that social distancing in highly effecting in control the spread of Coronavirus variants. Maintaining social distancing at 2m and introducing access and exit control measures to ensure that maximum capacity numbers are not exceeded continue to be encouraged and we ask that you retain or reintroduce this in your premises.


Increasing ventilation (but avoiding re-circulated air), combined with increasing social distancing and reducing occupancy will reduce the risk of airborne transmission. We would encourage you to maximise the ventilation opportunities that you have in your premises.

Hygiene and cleansing routines

We are requesting that you review your hygiene arrangements ensuring that hygiene stations are retained at entrances and exits as well other high footfall areas and that staff are trained in the importance of hygiene arrangements at all times throughout their working day.

Vaccination and Booster jabs

We are encouraging businesses to promote take up of COVID 19 vaccination and booster jabs within their workforce. This not only protects the health of employees but reduces the need for employees to isolate, have time off sick and reduces the transmission of COVID 19 within the workplace ensuring good business continuity.

This may be particularly pertinent over the festive period when hopefully you will see an increase in customers. Vaccination and good levels of immunity may prevent further restrictions being implemented which could have a detrimental effect on businesses. You can now have your booster jab after three months of your second dose.

How to get a vaccination or booster jab can be found at these links: drop in clinics or vaccination sites.

We fully recognise the importance of your leadership role in implementing these measures. Whilst the above are formal requests, we would prefer to work with you. We would be happy to speak with you or arrange a visit to your store to advise you. Please contact us at Thank you.

For further information please telephone 01926 414040, e mail or visit



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