Range of subjects covered by CUE webinars

Coventry University Enterprises will deliver a range of webinars for small businesses in the coming month...

Sustainability, Your Business and Your Marketing

01/12/2022 9.30-11.30am

From this session you’ll take away an understanding of why all businesses need to play their part in contributing to the COP21 goal, and how this can positively impact your business through customer acquisition and retention and allowing customers to make positive choices.

You will also understand what The Green Claims Code is, and its importance in communicating with customer and stakeholders.


Google Business profile optimisation and management

02/12/2022 9.30-11.30am

Google Business Profile (or Google My Business as it was known) can have a great impact on a business’ SEO local search values. You’ll leave this session understanding how to use this free tool to add a dimension to your digital marketing and extend your reach locally.


How to come up with a profitable business idea

06/12/2022 10am-12pm

In this webinar, you'll learn several techniques that will help you identify a profitable business idea. We'll show you how to pinpoint business opportunities and go after them, then we'll explore your current thinking and help you move forward.


Cyber Security for Small Businesses

08/12/2022 9.30-11.30am

You'll come away from this session with a deeper understanding of the cyber severity threat as well as what you can do to improve the security and resiliency of your hardware and software infrastructure. Common Phishing scams and some of the tell-tale signs will be discussed to help you better identify these and exercise more caution with the information shared online. Additionally, resources and support on who to reach out should your business fall victim to a cyber-attack will be shared.


How to survive a Startup

13/12/2022, 10am-12pm

You’ll take away a better understanding of how to deal with the stresses that can accompany starting your own business.


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