Welcome from Mark Ryder

Hello and welcome to the December edition of Warwickshire Still Means Business.

This has been such a difficult year which has brought challenges to businesses and communities that nobody could ever have envisaged.

Those challenges continue, of course, at this time of great uncertainty, as we await the detail of a potential trade deal with the EU at the same time as dealing with the restrictions and challenges as a result of Covid-19. But as we reach the end of 2020, I think it is important to remember and celebrate how, throughout all those challenges, the resilience, strength and kindness of the people of Warwickshire has shone through.

Those attributes are something to truly admire and they are fully reflected in our amazing business community. This edition of WSMB contains plenty of examples which vividly illustrate that Warwickshire Still Means Business.

We were delighted to support Tecman with a grant which has helped them manufacture PPE which has supported health workers locally and across the country and Europe. The Bell Inn, Winchcombe Farm, Domino Style and InLoco are all facing the future on the front foot after harnessing support from WCC and our partner organisations.

The redevelopment of 1 Mill Street, Leamington Spa, as a base for ten new start-ups in the creative sector is a very exciting addition to Warwickshire's offer as a renowned leader in the games sector.

Also in this edition we welcome Alison Robinson as our new Strategy and Commissioning Manager (Economy & Skills). Alison brings many skills from her long career in business and is a great addition to our very strong team.

As Alison puts it, it is "a brilliant team...such a motivated bunch of people, all trying to do the right thing to make everyone's lives better." You can be assured that team will be working as hard as ever on behalf of businesses as we seek to rebuild the economy in 2021.

I hope you have the best possible Christmas.


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